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Bordelle Powerbitch #8 – Ursula Andress

This women put the bikini on the map during the sexual revolution in the 60's with the iconic white bikini in the Bond film, Dr No. Wearing the best known bikini of all time in one of the most iconic cinematic and fashion moment means that she is this weeks #bordellepowerbitch and also a huge of inspiration for our Bond-Age Swimwear collection. Her seduction style? Just stand there! In her wardrobe: Bond-Age Bikini Top Bond-Age Bikini Briefs

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Bordelle Powerbitch #7 – Mae West

Mae West was no angel. She was arrested on obscenity charges for her first written play and decided to go to prison because it would be more interesting. Being a lover of lingerie she insisted she must wear her own silk underwear underneath the prison uniform - a girl after our own heart. Following this she went on to carve the witty and original lines used again and again today. This light hearted sex goddess who was a true bad girl with a good heart is this week's #bordellepowerbitch. So, what’s her seduction technique? A plethora of lion mouthed suggestive one liners with the confidence to follow them up.

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