The French Touch

                                            We're always touched by Paris where we've been for a long weekend previewing the Autumn Winter 16 collection. The city has endless inspiration and timeless romance. Take a look behind the scenes to the soundtrack by our French Touch playlist - an hour of pure Parisian tunes from the iconic from the iconic Serge Gainsbourg to melodic popsters Phoenix >   Sign up here to be the first to find out where and when the new collection launches >

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It's time for some Tropicana…

Grazia has piped us to the post with shouting about just how gorgeous the Tropicana range from SS15. They don't need to tell us that this pretty satin set is the perfect refresh for your wardrobe, we know that these nude hues are just the contrast to our usual black signature style we were looking for. The beauty of the range is that all the pieces are mix and match so you could go for one of The Tropicana plunge bra's with a separate brief to suit your mood. Shop the full Tropicana Range here >

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Spring Summer 15 is coming

          Take a look behind at the inspiration that led us to designing the Spring Summer collection. We took a tour of famous cabarets past and present, for a collection inspired by the all-singing, all-dancing, high-kicking showgirls that have graced their stages. We looked to ultimate showgirl Kiki, the Queen of Montparnasse and her fabulously debauched lifestyle. Her independent spirit has been channeled into the collection’s key looks – the Cabaret Harness, which can be worn alone in the boudoir, or layered over evening looks to add a splash of sauciness; and the Vedette Dress, a satin elastic strapping dress affixed with oversized gold-plated hardware for that signature Bordelle BDSM flavour. We launch the collection this week with Bordelle signature...

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Bring on the Dark Knights

As Autumn arrives so do the final pieces of AW14-15 and who doesn't love a bit of anticipation to heat up the mood. When it comes to these two - it was certainly worth the wait. The Pearly Waspie is the ultimate Bordelle Collection piece. Exclusively handcrafted in the atelier from a mix of signature elastic panels, silk satin inserts and leather fringing. Finished with 18k gold plated hardware and four leather tassel suspenders for pure S&M luxe. Equally as extravagant, The Malena Dress will dominate any boudoir. The signature elastic panels sculpt the perfect hourglass with vibrant silk satin inserts and delicate French leavers lace. Now all we need are the dark knights! The Pearly Waspie > The...

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